Workflow: Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, Photoshop (optional)

by Taylor Jackson on December 16, 2010

Hey all, threw together a quick little 3 parter that runs through some behind the scenes stuff. Hopefully someone gets something from it! If not, that’s cool too. It’s just as important to know what you don’t want to do when it comes to editing/business/life as it is to know what you want to do.

Shoot me an @ on twitter or drop a comment if you you want me to hit anything in more detail, or show something new. I’m a pretty open book.

Also, there’s a full screen button in the bottom right if it’s too small – and a 720p HD option too if it’s fuzzy.

All of the stuff I do in Photoshop, can be done in Lightroom now. Only reason I do it this way is because I grew up with photoshop, and I’m still way better at it if I need to adjust anything. That said, if you do too much in PS you’ll get some fun little artifacts. So if you’re a pixel peeper, it might be wise to stay in lightroom and export once.


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