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Wedding Photography Course

Taylor Jackson teaches you how to book more weddings as a wedding photographer in this online course.

This course is usually $249, but until Dec 31st, 2016, it is only $90!

Get 2016 started right and be on your way to having your dream wedding photography business.
Make 2016 your year, and book more weddings than ever before.

This is everything you need to know to take your business to the next level in 2016. I’ve helped hundreds of photographers get into the industry and make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now I’ve put all of that knowledge into one easy download.

This is the most comprehensive course about wedding photography on the planet. It covers everything from business, to shooting, to post production, to live consultations, to even going with me on my camera for 2 engagement sessions, and a full wedding day. No other wedding photography course out there does all of this. 

I had a lot of questions surrounding the nuanced aspects of client interaction and sales. Getting to see and hear how Taylor interacts with his clients on a very human level reassured me that this business is first and foremost about people. I found the audio podcasts of client meetings to be really valuable. Taylor’s personable and professional style gave me the jolt of confidence that I needed. This package was a great technical refresher as well as a behind-the-scenes look at how to run a successful business. Five stars. Would buy again.
— Tim, Canada

A little about me - I’m Taylor Jackson, I photograph 65 weddings a year, plus a lot of commercial projects, as well as shoot and host a travel show.

If you'd like to see what I get up to on a typical week, below is 7 days in my life (Including two weddings on both sides of the country):

If you’d like to make $100,000 as a wedding photographer over 2016, you’ve come to the right place.
That might seem like a crazy claim, but it’s just 33 weddings booked at $3000, which is what I did my first full season as a wedding photographer. It’s also a number that’s totally manageable but just one person (you).

This is the course I wish I had when I started as a wedding photographer.  I spent the first 5 years of my career spinning my wheels in all different types of photography, and not actually getting anywhere. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t booking anything. I was pretty happy with my portfolio, but no one was inquiring. That’s when I narrowed my vision to only selling weddings, and something amazing happened.

That year I booked 33 weddings in just a few months. Pretty soon I was shooting 50 weddings a season consistently.  Now I do somewhere from 60-70 weddings as a single photographer studio every year. 


After spending over 10 years as a wedding photographer, I’ve learned what really books weddings.  

I’ve also watched a lot of local photographers struggle for years and not get to the level they want. The truth is, they’re putting all the hours in, but they’re not putting them into the right places.

Wedding photography is honestly the best career in the world. 
Here's a little video from a wedding earlier this year in St. Maarten:

the world, this guide is for you. In this wedding photography course, I share all of my secrets.

This isn’t a ‘how I did it’ this is a ‘how to do it now, and get established as fast as possible’. 

In this download, you’ll learn what to invest your time in now, so that it will pay off with $100,000s of dollars over your career. 



  • This is all of my wedding photography business knowledge condensed into the smallest package possible. No fluff, no unnecessary stories, just practical, actionable information to get the right framework set up, and get you building your business in the best way possible.
  • Inside this book:
    • The easiest ways to learn photography, and immerse yourself in the industry. 
    • How to 'predict' industry trends, and stay ahead of the curve.
    • Why it might not be that important to be different.
    • How to create an online presence that makes potential couples comfortable.
    • How to create your dream portfolio now so you get to continue down the same path for years.
    • How to become other vendors favourite photographer, and get recommended above all others.
    • Making the perfect website.
    • Having a story to tell to get couples hooked.
    • Why you should never compete on price.
    • How to have the right couples find you.
    • How to create an amazing promo video.
    • How to find the right couples.
    • Blogging.
    • How to get on the first page of Google.
    • Social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
    • How to create an amazing brand experience that people will tell their friends about.
    • Where the best place to have your in person meetings is.
    • How to convey value, and look expensive. 
    • How to network effectively. 
    • How to make advertising in the right places can book you so many weddings.
    • How to sell yourself during in person meetings.
    • Pricing your packages.



The best way to learn to be a better photographer is to watch someone work.  Spend an entire wedding day literally on my camera. See my settings, and how I make the photographs I do. 

BONUS for Dec: Also included is 2 On Camera Engagement Sessions and Kids Session.


This full video series alone is worth the $249, but everything you see here is marked down to $90 until Dec 31st, 2016! 

My Workflow Including Lightroom POST PRODUCTION

I go through the workflow that I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life building.  It might be the easiest and most efficient system for photographers. 

lightroom post still.jpg


Sit with me through a full initial wedding meeting. (Audio only because it is a real couple)

  • What I talk about during a meeting
  • How to sell without sounding like you're selling
  • How to book weddings efficiently and make people feel comfortable with you


If you’ve ever wondered how I get to travel the world, stay at beautiful hotels, and have some of the most amazing experiences on the planet, this book should reveal some of the mystery. 


Podcast with Leslie Kay, about how to get your first 10,000 Instagram Followers. (Without buying them or faking anything)

Learn how Leslie helped me go from 0 followers to 7000 in just 4 months. (hint: it does involve hard work)

The $90 download comes with everything above! It's a lot of information, but it's all the moving parts you need to start booking more weddings.

A few disclaimers:
This guide assumes you already have a few pictures you like, and you have a desire to be a successful photographer.

We’re not here to teach you the basics of photography, we're here to take career to the next level.

The good news even if you’re not a fantastic photographer yet, booking lots of work gets you good really fast. 
Before my first year as a wedding photographer, I was pretty average. I could handle most situations, I knew people looked more flattering in the shade, but I wasn’t creating the work I was seeing in magazines.

After shooting 33 weddings that first year, I got really good. My work was ending up in magazines. It was a pretty crazy time. 

To recap, you get all of this:

After Dec 31ST, 2016 this package goes back up to $249.
Until Dec 31ST, 2016 this package is only $90!

It’s entirely possible to make $100,000 this year as a single photographer, or push your sales well over $500,000 if you aspire to create a multi photographer studio.

Whatever your dreams are in the wedding industry, this guide is here to get you growing into your first 30+ wedding season.

Make your 2016 resolution for this year to be full time self employed as a wedding photographer before the end of the year.

This package is usually $249, but until Dec 31st, 2016 , it will be marked down to $90. Don’t miss this sale!

Checkout with the button below, and get on your way to booking more weddings.

I'm so confident that you're going to love this package that I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee. If you don't think it's worth every penny, simply send an email to and I'll send you your money back.

Thanks for your time reading this, and I wish you nothing but success in the wedding photography industry!

- Taylor