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Learn Photography 

The easiest way to become a great photographer is by watching a great photographer.

While relentless practice and $20,000 of equipment will eventually make you a pretty good photographer, it is not the best way. Note: you don't need a lot of equipment to become a great photographer.
Here's a little about me:

The traditional way to learn photography is to learn a nearly overwhelming amount of information, and then try to use it so that it's not forgotten.
Our method is to systematically teach you only things that are necessary for you to know. You don't have to memorize your camera manual to be a good photographer - that information will be learned organically over time.

The basic technical side of photography can be taught in just an hour. The more difficult part is making the transition from technical to thinking and acting like a professional photographer. This is where a lot of people struggle for years. This quote comes to mind:
beginner lenses for photography
While I mostly agree with the above quote, I don't agree that you need to create a huge volume of work in order to get good. I don't agree with the 10,000 hours to master a skill either. 
I've had assistants go from no real knowledge of photography, other than having good taste, to having a successful established business in under 6 months. Now photography generates their primary income, and will only continue to grow over the next years.

Maybe your aspirations are not to become a full time professional photographer, and you'd prefer to keep it as a hobby - that's totally fine. Everything we teach will help bring your personal travel, and family photos to a professional level.

The courses are designed to help you discover yourself as a photographer, not manufacture you into one.

Soon you'll learn that your best work will be done when you're no longer thinking technically about photography.