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Travel Video Secrets

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Being a successful travel video creator is hard.

It's something you already knew. 

No one ever talks about how hard it is to create videos.

If it was easy, we'd all be flying first class to spend a weekend in Italy, where high end restaurants would be fighting to get us in for a free dinner just to maybe get on our Instagram story.

The truth is that life is not this easy, and we'll have to settle for driving our regular cars to Starbucks to get our own coffee.

Deep down, we want life to be easy, and because of this we're always looking for a life hack.

If you want a life hack, I have one. It will get you on your way to getting paid to travel the world. Spoiler: Even with this hack, it's still going to be a lot of hard work.

Here's another thing you already know, but haven't put into words yet:

TV and Network Cable is on the way out. (Well, you knew this part)

What's on the way in? You.

The focus has shifted from networks (ABC, NBC, CNN) creating content for you, to you creating content for them.

Every news story is now filled with YouTube clips, Twitter posts, and Instagram photos.

You are creating the content for them.

What does this mean?

It's time for you to be the star you've always wanted to be.

There is no better time.

Netflix and Facebook Watch are dumping BILLIONS into creating original content for their platforms. 

Social media has already trained us to be the television channels of the future. 

What does this all mean?

That if you can make good travel videos - 3 years from now it can be your entire life.

So start now. Right now.

Do you want to travel the world?

You do. I do. 

You hate the idea of saving up your vacation days and dollars earned to see a place that so many travel vloggers have already visited. 

It seems like all these travel vloggers just live the dream 24/7.

So how do you do it too?

Read on.

You are not listened to or respected as much as you should be.

In order to be successful, people have to pay attention to you. Care about you. Like and share your videos.

Let me ask you another question - 

Are you constantly stressed about money and getting more and more in to debt? 

I spent 5 years of my professional photography career over $60,000 in debt. 

I was so hard to justify spending anything on photography equipment when I was still so far in debt.

Eventually I realized that spending money on education had a far better impact on my bottom line than spending money on a new lens.

Some more questions:

- Do you ever wish you could just book a ticket on any flight, rather than shopping for weeks to find the absolute lowest fare on a crappy airline?

- Do you wish hotels emailed you asking for you to stay with them, rather than you spending money?

- Do you wish you could make money while travelling the world?

You are frustrated and struggling because you're social media presence isn't growing as fast as you want it to be.

You've probably watched a few YouTubers go from just a few hundred views per video, to travelling all year non stop.

So you know it's possible. 

What did they do that you haven't?

Why are they now living the life of their dreams, and you're still stuck where you were a few years ago?

Where they just straight up lucky? Or did they know something that you didn't?

There are no secrets on the internet. You can reverse engineer any success. Everything is out there for you to see. 


VERY IMPORTANT: I only have 30,000 subscribers on YouTube. You can easily reach this number over the next year if you want.

Also notice that on January 1st of 2016, I only made 0.40 cents. 


By the end of the year I was averaging between $150 - 300 a day regardless of if I actually did anything. 

Was it hard work? 


But over the year I essentially created another entire full time income in my spare time.

What would you do with that kind of Daily money from YouTube?

Spend the winter in the Caribbean?  

Rent a cabin in Iceland? 

Get a villa in Bali?

Or Party in Las Vegas?

If you want to make these dreams come true, you need to learn it from someone who started from 0. Someone that isn't on autopilot. 
Someone that is still trying new things every day. Someone that's not even considered famous by any means. Someone who just quietly makes a lot of money doing something they love.

Also, you need a plan.

That plan is the Travel Video Secrets course.

This course is for you if you want to make travel videos your life.

The side effects of this course are actually amazing. They include:

- Creating a local video production company that is incredibly profitable, and gets more profitable the more you travel.


When you look back at your success over the next year, you're going to remember this as the moment you decided to make it.

Here's what you're going to learn in this course.


If people aren't engaging with you as much as you want on Instagram and Facebook and YouTube, this section is going to turn that around.
We cover the basics of what is going to get you more engagement online.


If you're always jealous of the camera gear other YouTubers are shooting with - don't be. We talk about the basic tools you need for creating quality videos. We talk iPhones, GoPros, basic DSLRs.


The number one thing that effects the quality of your videos is lighting. If you can understand light quality and color, you can make incredible videos anywhere.


We go through a variety of different situations and I show you how I set my camera.


Editing is one of the most important parts of creating a video. In this course we edit 2 different projects, where I show you the best and fastest ways to make something incredible.


I teach you how to save some money, while also increasing the production quality of your videos.


Microphones, lav mics, voice overs. Audio is as important to your videos as your visuals are. We go over everything you need to know to get great audio in every 


Where do you get the best music for the cheapest? You'll find out.


We create a vlog, about vlogging. Very meta. We also edit through it together.


We go through 4 travel videos, and we talk behind the scenes.


Creating promotional videos, Instagram videos, and event videos. There are a lot of ways to make money with your new video skills offline. We shoot and edit a few different versions, including writing an entire promo video script.


Marketing and business is 80% of your career as a video creator. Learn how to make a full time income creating videos even if just in your local area.


Making $50,000+ over the past 2 year from YouTube starting in 2016 proves that it is still possible to make it in this oversaturated industry. I'm not someone that got in on it early and am still riding out that success. I'm working hard this year, and I'm going to teach you everything I know about creating a channel that actually makes you money.

Be on my camera (via GoPro) for an entire wedding video.
Destination weddings are one of the best ways to start travelling the world for free. They're always in cool places, with good people.
Learn how I shoot an entire wedding with really just one single lens.


This is the perfect career for an introverted person.

The truth is, I'm an incredibly introverted person. 

I am not a natural in front of the camera. 

I am not a natural public speaker.

I'm actually afraid to put myself on social media most of the time.

I get really discouraged when watching other YouTubers be really natural and excited in front of the camera. 

There is no way that I'm ever going to be like that. 

The good news is, you don't have to be.

You just have to be you.

Video is perfect because you have control over the final edit. You can screw up as many times as you'd like and only you ever have to see it. 


So how much?

Honestly, I can sell this course at $1500. To do a full day 1 on 1 workshop (which is essentially what this course is) costs $4900.

Everything we talk about in this course can start you entirely new full time career. $10,000+ a month if you're committed to it.

To go to college for a career (that's way less fun than creating videos), would cost you around $30,000 and 4 years of your life.

Even though the value is there, pricing this course at $1500 would mean that not a lot of people would be able to purchase it.

While it would bring me a lot of money, it wouldn't help that many people.

I want to help as many people get to their dream of creating videos, and getting paid for it. Whether your dreams are to travel the world with these skills, or stay close to home.

I'm not going to sell this course for $1500.

Not even $750.

Or even $250. (until December 1st)

If you are one of the people that invest in this course before the end of November 2017, this course is only going to cost you one single payment of $139.

That's right, just $139.

December 1st, 2017 this course goes up to $279. Until then it is just $139

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to get this into the hands of as many people as possible this month, so I can use you as a case study.

I want to make a video about you showing how far you've gone in just a few months.

So my ask for releasing all of this content for $139 - is that when you implement the strategies and start to see success, you send me an email. (

One last bonus for November! 

The full Travel The World For (Nearly) Free Course! It is worth $229, and it is yours for free when you get this course.

You can learn more about it here:

The basic summary, it will turn your camera skills into free hotel rooms, and jobs all around the world.

What I like about your trainings (both these and the others) is that they are simple and straightforward and effective.

You get right to the heart of the matter on your topics and I really appreciate that (time is important for everyone).

What I also appreciate is that you bring a different perspective to marketing your businesses that revolve around things you love and
I think that is a valuable thing for the photo community.

I first noticed you when you were doing your stills and video for weddings and I thought you were very forward thinking and your work has proven that to be true.

THANKS again and keep up the good work!
— Paul Gero, Orange County CA


100% Money Back Guarantee - If you don't think this course is going to help you start travelling the world and making money with your camera, just send me an email within 30 days ( and I'll send all of your money back. No questions asked. 

Taylor’s new course covers so much more than expected! He shares his secrets and walks you through everything from his video & audio gear, to behind the scenes of editing, vlogging and creating content. You’ll walk away feeling inspired to produce video content in your business and I assure you that when you do, you’ll have a leg up on the competition in your area. I’ve already begun applying what I’ve learned in his courses and in the last 6 months, I’ve booked nearly $10,000 worth of video projects for 2018 and 2019. Taylor’s courses are super affordable and will bring so much value to your business.



Josiah Blizzard - Pennsylvania, USA

Get 50% off of this course for the next:

After Midnight on November 30th, 2017 this course goes up to $279

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